When you’re starting to learn piano, it can be difficult to know where to start. People will say that the fastest way to improve is to find easy songs to learn on piano. This is certainly a good start, but is there a difference between the fast way and the right way? While there are many different schools of thought on the topic of learning piano, I believe most good instructors would say “yes”. Learning easy piano songs can be great when starting out, but to improve and reach a higher level, you need a more structured approach like the one laid out in the excellent Pianoforall course.

Aside from knowing the “correct” way of learning the other issue that can hold you back is motivation.

Removing Negative Thoughts

Most people learning something that they believe is “hard” will balk at the prospect of spending a lot of their time doing it. Negative thoughts of failure enter the mind, yet it is exactly this that must be cleared from one’s mind before embarking on activity of improving oneself. Learning to play piano well will certainly require you spend a lot of time practicing, but this does not mean that this practice should not also be fun. There are thousands of ways to make otherwise boring practice into a fun endeavor, no matter what level you are at.

Ways of Learning

Almost all piano courses start you off in the same way. Usually you will be taught you need to recognize notes. While there are certainly a lot of different notes on the piano keyboard you will need to know, this does not take nearly as long as you would expect. So long as you commit yourself to learning piano, you’ll most likely have it licked in a few short lessons. Second stage is getting to know the keyboard and the different keys. Knowing your white from black keys, “ebony” from your “ivory” so to speak. Next, when you are taught basic fingering and posture you will likely practice the basic “doe”-“ray”-“me” combination which is the foundation of a basic major scale.

Once the basics are out of the way, you can learn to play a few simple songs. Many new players will skip directly to this step, which is perfectly OK, provided that other fundamentals aren’t neglected. There are hundreds (thousands even) of easy songs to play on the piano to get started with. It is here where you will start to learn how to read basic sheet music. These simple songs can also help you to practice different rhythm patterns.

Above is a very basic way a new player can start to play piano. After you can play simple songs on the piano and play them well, you can then move onto more advanced songs, or advanced scales and chords. Scales will help unlock your ability to improves on the instrument, while you can never have to great a repertoire of piano chords at your disposal. It will take time certainly, but it does not necessarily need to be a chord. If you keep it fun the time will fly!

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