A common question that comes up is what is the quickest way to learn piano songs when you’re a beginner? There are many answers to this question depending on certain variables. Perhaps the fastest way to get to the stage where you can play something is to find some easy songs to learn on piano, These are songs that are suitable for beginners to play and they should not take you much effort to learn. Once you have a few simple songs down pat, then there are a few general ways you can do to learn songs on the piano a bit faster.

Preparation is King

If your goal is to learn a particular song as quickly as possible, there are a few things you can do before you begin to play notes and chords. First listen to the song a few times, so you are familiar with the tune to start with. It can help to choose a song you are already familiar with. Get acquainted with its dynamics and it’s chords and get a “feel” for the song. From this you will at least know by ear when you are playing it wrong and making mistakes. Next step, break the song into separate parts. This will vary from song to song, but typically you want to address a song’s intro, verse, chorus and bridge separately. Playing a song slowly to begin with will help you memorise it more thoroughly.  Additionally you might also like to track down the sheet music for the song. Even if you wish to learn to play it by ear, you can refer to the sheet music in areas that you have difficulty figuring out.

Practicing The Song

If you have sufficiently prepared to learn the song, then practicing it will go much easier. Try and separate the right hand notes and chords from the left hand and practice each individually before attempting to combine them. It may be tempting to attempt both at the same time, but as you’re just beginning, this can often bring you unstuck! It may well be faster to do this at times, but it can also make it harder, forcing you to take extra time to sort out your issues. Try and practice at a slow, consistent pace. Do not allow yourself to speed up right away. Practice the most challenging sections separately. Do them over and over until they become second nature to you and then try to tie them into the other sections of the song. Do not forget to do this last step as you’ll end up only being able to play part of the song.

Whenever you find yourself getting frustrated, take a break and don’t try and force it, but make sure you practice every day. It will become easier over time!

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