One of the best ways to learn to play the piano quickly is by learning songs. There are hundreds of easy songs to learn on piano. We will be posting the sheet music of songs that you can use to practice your piano playing skills. The songs we post here offer you a good opportunity to practice reading sheet music.While these music scores may be good candidates to practice on when you are starting out, if your goal is to become a really good piano player as quickly as possible, we recommend you follow a complete course like Pianoforall, which features structured lessons and a more complete learning scheduled, however practicing the FREE sheet music we post here is a great way to supplement such a course.

Today’s easy piano song is none other than YANKEE DOODLE. This song which you have almost certainly heard of before is a well known Anglo American folk song that was first published in the 1780s. The origin of this song is thought to be in the pre-revolutionary war, where the song was sung by British military officers to mock what they saw as disorganized “Yankees”, who they fought with in the French and Indian war. Although written before the war, the song, then known as “Yankee Doodle Dandy” was widely popular with both the American rebels and British soldiers.

The song is about a simpleton “Doodle”, whereas “Dandy” referred to a gentleman of high class. “Macaroni” mentioned in the song does not refer to food as is commonly believed, but a style of Italian dress that was copied in England and popular at the time.

There were many versions of this song and it is believed 190 verses in all were invented. Today the song is often sung by American patriots and is in fact the “state anthem” of Connecticut. The song is featured in the Roud Folk Song Index where it is placed at number 4501.

The full lyrics of the song can be found here.