If you are hear, you probably already want to learn how to play the piano and do not need to be told that the acoustic piano is an amazing instrument and that playing it is an excellent talent to develop. You may be a jazz enthusiast and aspire to play like the greats in the jazz genre. Or you may prefer the modern piano players in the jazz arena who have touched the hearts of audiences worldwide.

Others will be more interested in rock piano players. There have been some excellent piano players of rock including Ben Folds, Elton John, Paul McCartney, Billy Joel and many others. Some of you will likely be from a classical music persuasion. Even if you have never been a fan, you might still enjoy playing some of the more recognized classical music tracks on the piano for a challenge. This type of music being more complicated in nature is satisfying to play, due to the sheer amount of extra skill needed to achieve mastery. It can be highly educational to learn the work of some of the great classical composers including Brahms, Handel, Bach, Mozart and Beethoven. Learning some of their work can improve your playing immeasurably, even if you ultimate goal is to be a jazz, rock or blues piano player and it is noteworthy that may popular modern day musicians have been influenced and have even based some of their music on classical influences, the band Queen comes to mind.

So why learn to play the piano? If it is for fun, then this needs no explanation. You may simply just wish to emulate the works of some of the great artists and if you get good enough at doing so it might lead to you joining a top band or having your own solo act one day, however you may simply wish to entertain yourself as well as family and friends.

Another benefit of playing piano is relieving stress and relaxation. Playing the piano has been proven to be therapeutic. When you are tense or angry, music can help soothe the nerves and it can lift you if you are feeling down.

If you are good enough, then the piano can even give you another source of income. While some players will earn just a little and simply enjoy playing in a bar, other more ambitious players can do very well for themselves if they have sufficient talent and luck going their way. Never think that this cannot be you, if this is truly what you want to do with yourself.

Piano is also a great way to improve your discipline and there is not enough good that can be said about this. Learning how to play the piano competently give you a goal to aim more. Reaching the goal of playing a song well can be it’s own huge reward, helping you stay motivated and keeping you practicing harder. The great thing about playing piano is that it is, in many ways, not as hard as many other musical instruments. Vocal music, for instance, requires that you be very precise with pitch. Not so with the piano where a key press will always produce the right tone. There is no need to worry about being just above or below the note.

Whatever your reason to learn the piano, the ultimate “reason” anyone should learn is for their own fulfillment. Whatever your goals are you should be happy to have worked hard and achieved your true potential. When you can play a composition well it is it’s own reward making you a happier person for allowing it to become part of your life! It is our goal here at HighNotesMusicLessons.Com to help you achieve  your goals and enjoy life at the top 😉

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